Tuesday, May 14, 2013


They say "the cobbler's children have no shoes" ... well in this instance this is certainly not the case! Ronda Rice Carman's new book Designers at Home, Personal Reflections on Stylish Living beautifully illustrates the intimate spaces of fifty leaders of design world. In my opinion, there is no space like that of your own home that says more about your personal style and aesthetic. That being said, we as designers, probably have a love/hate relationship with designing our own spaces. Our standards are exacting and sometimes (often) our taste preferences certainly exceed our pocketbooks (speaking for myself, of course). I remind my children frequently as they are complaining about my obsession with household details that I get paid good money to be OCD.

Our homes are our canvases on which we craft our art, so thank you Ronda for such a thoughtful glimpse into these extraordinarily talented designers' self-portraits!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Barry Dixon

Brad Ford

Steven Gambrel

India Hicks

Mary McDonald

Charlotte Moss

Christopher Spitzmiller

Vicente Wolf


  1. Your comment about being OCD and your taste surpassing your pocketbook hit home with me! I must get this book! Enjoyed the post!

  2. My Mother came to visit me in NY in my first apartment many years ago and I had carefully create my bedroom and was so excited to show her. She taught me that you don't necessarily need money to have style. I have always tried to live artfully and to keep things orderly. Perhaps my attention to details are part of what every designer enjoys.
    I have Ronda's Book. I would have loved to see more behind the scenes....

    1. Living artfully is indeed so very important and some of the most amazing spaces I've been in are often done with little money but an abundance of style!! Maybe Ronda will share some behind the scenes images in her blog!