Friday, October 25, 2013



For years I referenced the first book Dwellings and it sits on my coffee table to this very day- ten years later. So imagine my pleasure when the much anticipated Stephen Sills: Decoration came out! His work is indeed a dialogue between past and present, always relevant, but iconic in that it is in that combining of elements from different eras, that his work becomes transcendental and timeless.


Extraordinary work Mr. Sills!

Monday, October 14, 2013


To say that we are ecstatic to be included in Lisa Newsom's new book, VERANDA, THE ART OF OUTDOOR LIVING would be an understatement. Our beautiful project in Las Catalinas, Costa Rica is among one of the many extraordinary properties in this gorgeous book and we are not only humbled, but thrilled to be in such a venerable group.

In Dara Caponigro's eloquent preface, she says - " A veranda is the bridge between your private life and the public world. It is the transition. It says "go out into the world", but also "welcome" and "stay awhile". Having spent countless hours to date in those outdoor spaces we created in Las Catalinas, I can certainly attest to the serene beauty of such places and the importance they hold in our lives.



Friday, October 4, 2013


A few weeks ago I went to visit an old friend in his amazing studio space and once again became obsessed with someday having an atelier to call my own! Cessna Decosimo is an extraordinarily talented artist with boundless energy and his creativity knows no end, as evidenced by both his work and his studio space. Having known Cessna for too many years to now count, I've had the pleasure of watching his work evolve and be a part of his illustrious career. The creative process requires space and stimulus to grow and his is no exception to that rule.

My never-ending fascination with the artist's atelier continues....