Friday, June 6, 2014



There are days where you find yourself in one place looking for an image on that giant worldwide web of ours and before you realize it, six hours have passed. There you are, no idea how you got there or where you've been, but you've stumbled upon something marvelous and unexpected! Such was the case with Italian photographer, Stefano Scata. His work first caught my eye when I spotted Stefano's photographs of a beautiful villa by Italian designer, Michele Bonan (see our previous blog post, The Beautiful Michele Bonan) and from there, I was launched on a virtual tour of photographic wonder. Stefano studied Italian literature and philosophy, somehow you feel that in his imagery. His art reflects his global lifestyle and sensibilities and through the camera lens one glimpses the depth and breadth of this photographer's zest for la dolce vita in the sumptuous images he captures wherever life takes him.

Buon fine settimana a tutti....