Friday, June 21, 2013


Having just returned from LA last week from our project in Hancock Park, which in my opinion is one of THE most beautiful and venerable neighborhoods in all of Los Angeles, I just want to move West! Southern California is idyllic- case in point- the whole week I was there it was a high of 71 everyday with NO humidity! Heaven indeed!

Which brings me to this particular blog- Studio William Hefner's new book California Homes, just out from Rizzoli, sums up all the many things good about their architecture and interiors. Airy, light-filled spaces always casual, always accommodating and perpetually relaxed in that quintessential Southern California way. William's own kitchen in their Hancock Park home is so very fresh and inviting as are so many other images in this beautiful book. The work portrayed is diverse yet classic in its scale and simplicity- bravo William- job well done!

Friday, June 14, 2013


There is nothing that inspires me more than travel! Over the years and in many an interview, when asked what inspires me and stimulates the creative juices, my answer is always "travel". This year I have been on the receiving end of some phenomenal opportunities both at home and abroad, and although all but a few were business-related, I still return from each inspired and invigorated. Each and every locale and the very experience of just getting there shifts my perspective both visually and emotionally in ways that are imprinted for life- to quote Henry Miller-"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."

This past April, while in Berlin attending the Leaders of Design Council meeting, I had the honor of spending time with Charlotte Moss, one of my most revered design icons. Her insatiable curiosity and never-ending quest for historical design precedents was positively refreshing. Everywhere we went she had her iPad at the ready and her camera(s) poised- passionate about recording an image or searching for that little known tidbit of information pertinent to where we were or what we were about to see! Several years ago I heard Charlotte speak and was awe-struck. She is a historian and scholarly in her approach to sharing her collective travels and imagery. She used her photography, collage and scrapbooks to tell her story-to impart a visual history of her journeys and personal experiences. I was left with the lasting impression that this is not only a woman who is an amazing designer, but a woman who is a passionate fellow traveler, who will continue to inspire not only me but others with her incessant enthusiasm for exploring the beautiful world we live in. What a pleasure it was to be in the presence of such boundless intellectual energy!