Tuesday, January 6, 2015


What is it they say .... "god is in the details" or "the devil is the details" - at opposite ends of the spectrum really, both statements apply. I'm a big picture person as a rule, but at the same time don't we all love the delicious aspects of elegant detailing - that aha moment when you see an inlaid brass strip in a wood floor or bespoke metalwork. I learned something new of late when watching an architect begin a project, they began by initially sketching a very large project in minute scale. When I asked why, the answer was - "if you start really small then you can't worry about the minutiae until later.  If you start large, you are already worrying about the details from the get go." And so it goes, we begin with the "big picture", as it were, and refine as we go until we get down to the divine details.