Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Mood boards or inspiration boards in our industry are indispensable. We are enlisted on a daily basis to create a visual dialogue with our clients and actually more to the point, with ourselves, in an effort to stimulate the creative juices within us or inspire the people we are having a dynamic aesthetic discussion with via imagery.

We all draw from visual stimulation in our respective worlds and I for one never know where that "aha" moment may stem from and move my soul. These "boards" are to the designer much like the drawing is to the artist...the purest expression of self.

Be inspired!

Alexa Hampton- The Language of Interior Design
Clarkson Potter Publishers
Photos: Scott Frances
David Scott- Outside The Box
Pointed Leaf Press
Photos: Antoine Bootz
Charlotte Moss Decorates
Photos: Pieter Estersohn
Inspired Styles
Photos: Barbel Miebach
Barbara Barry, Michael Berman, Eric Cohler, David Easton, Thomas O'Brien, Candice Olson, Suzanne Rheinstein, Windsor Smith, Kelly Wearstler, Michael Weiss, Vincent Wolf

Thursday, February 21, 2013


The countdown has begun and I'm positively beside myself with anticipation! An invitation for a girl's trip to Provence in April? Mon Dieu- was this my lucky day or what??? Ginny Magher, designer extraordinaire, and her husband Craig, fell in love with a property in Paradou, Mas de Baraquet, tucked in the Alpilles near Saint-Remy. A labor of love ensued over the next two years to restore the bastide or country manor house with architect Bruno LaFourchade to its previous glory, while Bruno's wife Dominique redesigned the gardens. The end result is impeccable as both Ginny and Craig's love for this romantic farmhouse is apparent in each and every detail of this remarkable renovation! Ginny is the consummate hostess and as fun as she is beautiful....oh la la...joie de vivre!!!

Photography by Peter Vitale via The Houses of Veranda