Thursday, January 3, 2013


Barbara Barry's new book Barbara Barry: Around Beauty from Rizzoli was a gift for me from me this Christmas. Barbara has always been on my top ten list of all time favorite designers for very good reason and this long awaited book is precisely why! Forever elegant and edited, her aesthetic is near and dear to my heart. She sets the bar very high and remains an icon for me in my ongoing search for excellence.

This particular project in Jackson Hole is of particular significance in that it was a collaboration with someone else near and dear to my heart- my good friend and extraordinarily talented architect Peter Block. Together they made a formidable team and created a beautiful property nestled at the base of the Grand Tetons.

What could be more appropriate to start off 2013? Happy New Year everyone - may all our efforts in the coming months be this pure and simple! Cheers!

Peter Block Architects
Barbara Barry: Around Beauty
Rizzoli Publishing
Photographs by David Meredith


  1. In one word : GORGEOUS ! Love all these pictures! I filed them, I hopeyou don't mind!!!
    Have a nice weekend my friend!

  2. Thank you Greet! Coming from you that is quite the compliment! You know how much I love your posts! Happy New year!