Thursday, May 31, 2012


Saying we are THRILLED to be included in the June issue of House Beautiful, is an understatement! Our wonderful client's house here in Atlanta looks so ethereal and bright, despite the fact that it was shot by on a cold winter's day! William Abranowicz, the photographer, was stellar! The home was originally designed by Keith Summerour of Summerour and Associates then underwent a renovation with architect Chad Mattison. When the bones are this good, it is hard to miss on the interiors. Our clients were passionate about the process and were such a pleasure to work with each and every day. We've included some additional shots in some previously done photography by Emily Followill just to show it off a little bit more.

Many thanks to all takes a village after all.


  1. Congratulations Beth, how exciting! And very well deserved! You've done a great job, this home is a dream and I love every single room!

  2. Coming from you all - quite the compliment!