Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The lengths we will go to with our obsessions is mind-boggling! We all love those beautiful orange boxes from Hermes, so much so that particular color has been dubbed "Hermes orange." Not bright orange, mind you, but a bit burnt and decidedly distinctive, I'll have nothing other than that particular hue. So I've actually taken the iconic box and had that color matched for what is, in my mind, the perfect orange paint. I seek out fabrics in that exact palette because I just love it that much...a little dab will do you!

Penelope Irwin - Elle Decor

Mark Gillette - House & Garden

Katie Ridder - Elle Decor

Istvan Francer - Elle Decor

Giorgio Armani - Elle Decor

Istvan Francer - Elle Decor


  1. I once matched the colour of a room to a favorite sweater. Hermes orange is an iconic colour, indeed.
    Here is a post on Hermes I wrote recently.
    Have a lovely March!