Friday, November 18, 2011


Last week I had the great pleasure of playing "design assistant" (instead of designer for a change- translation: I was vacuuming) for my dear friend Raymond Goins in Los Angeles. He is participating in Maison de Luxe (for Luxe Magazine) at the Greystone Estate in Beverly Hills. What a treat and absolute delight, I could have spent days there!

Built in 1927, the mansion and its' gardens were designed for Edward and Lucy Doheny, and the 46,000 square foot home with 67 rooms was laden with every amenity anyone could possibly want or need. Veranda magazine's Show House in 2009 was a study in elegance, each interior partnering perfectly with the stunning architectural details in every room. It was fascinating to see the rooms from 2009 reinvented in 2011 by a new group of designers. Once again, the spaces are positively sumptuous and decadent all over again! Each room is done to the nth degree by the likes of Philip Gorrivan, Mary McDonald, Jamie Drake, Barry Dixon and Martin Lawrence Bullard to name a few. The Greystone Maison de Luxe opens to the public December is truly a MUST SEE!

Note: All images are from Veranda's 2009 Show House at the Greystone, stay tuned for for the images from Maison de Luxe!

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