Thursday, April 10, 2014


My friend, Jane Scott Hodges, knows a thing or two about linens! In her new book Linens,the founder and owner of Leontine Linens shares two decades of experience and expertise creating couture, bespoke fine linens for "every room and occasion".

Over the years we have had the pleasure of introducing numerous clients to the joys of sleeping in a bed dressed in Leontine luxury and are ecstatic to have our work included in this beautiful book! Living with this luxury, particularly on an everyday basis, changes the way I wake up to this world of ours. Is there anything at the end of a long day more decadent than slipping into a sumptuous bed made with fine custom sheeting adorned with a gorgeous monogram - freshly ironed and crisply folded ? I think not...

"A thing of beauty is ( indeed ) a joy for ever."

Charlotte Moss


David Kleinberg

 Alexa Hampton


Beth Webb Interiors

Beth Webb Interiors

Beth Webb Interiors




Charlotte Moss

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


When I saw this house in a recent issue of Belle magazine it reminded me of two other iconic properties I've long had a love affair with- Bill Blass' apartment in NYC and his house in Connecticut. All three share a clean, classic and absolutely elegant aesthetic and a color palette I'm drawn to over and over again.

Friday, March 7, 2014


Since its inception in 1987 by founder Lisa Newsom, Veranda magazine has always held the bar high and under the tutelage of her successor Dara Caponigro continued to grow into the tour-de-force it has become. Clinton Smith stepped in when Dara took leave and two issues later the magazine continues to amaze and inspire - never missing a beat in its continuing mission to present all that is right and beautiful in this lovely world of ours.

Interior Design- Beverly Field
Architecture- Richardson Robertson III
Photography Max Kim-Bee
Produced by Carolyn Englefield

Interior Design- Greg Stewart of ODADA
Photography- Laura Resen
Produced by Carolyn Englefield

Interior Design- Furlow Gatewood
Photography- Max Kim-Bee
Produced by Carolyn Englefield

Interior Design- Rob Southern
Photography- Peter Murdock
Produced by Rich Michels

Interior Design- Cristina Azario
Photography- Francesco Lagnese
Produced by Carolyn Englefield